When looking for silk pillowcases, it is difficult to say that there is such a thing as a bad silk pillowcase. Why? Because they are made from silk, the pillow cases are already head and shoulders above competing pillow cases due to the nature of the fabric. However, there are some things that a shopper new to silk pillowcases should be aware of. Here are four things to look for in silk pillow cases.


Charmeuse is a fancy sounding word that essentially describes the weaving method used to create the fabric. Charmeuse is a lightweight fabric that is woven with a ‘satin’ weave (not to be confused with satin fabric!). What that means is three or more threads pass over one thread in the weave, resulting in a much smoother and more comfortable fabric. Other weaving methods of silk are used, but they produce coarser fabrics that resemble less luxurious materials, like cotton.


Mulberry is the highest quality silk available. It comes from silkworms produced from the Bombyx mori moth. The silkworms are fed an exclusive diet of Mulberry leaves and the resulting silk that pillowcases is of a uniform light color, rounder, uniform in size and finer than wild silk. If you are looking to purchase silk pillowcases because you want something that will be kind to your face and your hair as you sleep, mulberry silk is top choice. One bit of causion, try and avoid Habotai silk as this is the cheapest and least durable alternative with a much rougher surface, it appears dull.


Momme is the unit used when describing the weight of silk thread. Raw silk has a momme of somewhere in the 30s to 40s. It is heavy, rough and has a woolly appearance. Okay for a rug, not so much for your pillow. What you are looking for is something in the upper teens to very low 20s at the upper end. 16-19 momme weight is best and what better quality silk pillow cases will be made form. Many silk pillowcase manufacturers will not advertise the momme weight of their pillowcases. Just keep in mind that if a company does mention the number, usually abbreviated by ‘mm’ and it is much higher or lower than the 16-19 range, reconsider as it may be too lightweight and flimsy on the low end or too thick and rough on the high end. 19mm for example does already have quite a ‘glossy’ shine as opposed to 16mm which has more of a subtle ‘shimmer’ to it.

The Feel

If a pillowcase feels silky and smooth, then you will most likely be happy with them. If you touch them and you think for a half-second ‘Thats not as smooth as I thought it would be’, return pillowcases or pillowcases don’t buy them. You will not be happy with them. it naturally goes without saying that our SilkKiss pillowcases are the sikiest and smoothest available!

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