Machine washing

Only wash the pillowcase in machines that are specifically designated as safe for silk and make sure the inside of the machine is free from any soap residue that might stain the pillowcase. To protect it from friction from the agitator, place it in a mesh bag or a pillowcase tied closed. Use a small amount of a mild, non-alkali detergent and wash on the gentlest cycle available in water no hotter than 30°C (86°F). The spin cycle can be used, but should be kept short.


Never put a pillowcase in a dryer as the dry air and friction can damage the fabric. To dry silk, first roll it in a towel and press out the excess water. When no longer dripping wet, hang up to dry or dry on a flat surface. Heat sources and direct sunlight can yellow silk, so allow the pillowcase to dry in a cool place. Even in cool air silk can still yellow. To prevent this, iron dry instead.

Ironing and Storage

Silk should only be ironed when damp. If the pillowcase has dried, before ironing, add moisture to it with a damp cloth. Use a low setting without steam and iron on the reverse side. Apply gentle pressure to smooth out the creases.

Despite its luxurious appearance, silk is relatively easy to care for. With proper cleaning and care, your silk pillowcases can stay looking new for as long as you own them and outlast cotton or synthetic versions. Best of all, silk does not absorb odours so your pillowcase will stay fresh for longer and requires minimal laundering!

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